How to extrude a closed lofted surface in GH?

Hello - looking for a simple way to extrude or shell this lofted surface in GH. How to add depth and turn it into a vase with a bottom or a tube/bead with no endcaps?

11b_Shift List_Line_Loft_how to (10.9 KB)

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Pufferfish plugin has a feature…

11b_Shift List_Line_Loft_how to (10.1 KB)

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@HS_Kim thank you so much; I just added Pufferfish and now have so much more to learn (on top of what I already have to learn!!) How did you know that 16 was the index of the closed polysurface face to remove for shelling (R)? I also tried 17 to see if that would remove the bottom cap but nothing happened.

Here’s the simple way with just native GH components I’ve made many vase shapes. It’s even simpler if you start your base curves at the origin.

11b_Shift (15.1 KB)

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So cool, thank you for sharing. I followed your logic - it’s actually quite straightforward. It’s all about how to approach a problem - and I’m really so new at this so I appreciate your GH insights!!