How to extend a surface to follow the same direction

I have to extend a surface of a solid hull upwards to form a bulwark and it needs to follow the same fair line as the hull to be seemless. ie, it needs to have the same curvature and profile shape. What do I use please? The bow has an inward tilt that could probably be done in 2 rail sweep, but the stern needs to follow the hull fairness up to half way forward.



if you are lucky ExtendSrf could work. otherwise it should not be so difficult either. you can either loft using the bottom edge of the existing surface plus the curve on top best if it would have the same amount of spans/cp´s the result should be along the outer curves you have marked up. or you can use sweep2.

if nothing of that sort works you have to post at least some parts of the geometry as a file.

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calshot hull side surface.3dm (7.3 MB)
This is the side I want to extend but it needs to be fair and continue the same surface profile as the hull surfaces.

One problem is you have a two discontinuities at the stern.

As far as extending goes, there are a number of ways to do it.

This is extendsrf on the edged. You could then trim.

Another alternative would be to create frames for the bulwark that are tangent to the hull curve.

Thanks, how can I get this extendsuf to flow at the stern though?