Exporting models with curves

Hello, I have a solid cylinder that I have modeled a curve around to have a channel cut into the cylinder. My coworkers who program the cnc use either solidworks or fusion 360. I have tried many different ways, (.stp, .dxf, .igs,. x_t) to save the file for them to open, but they only can see the solid model, never the curve. Is there a setting in one of the save as file types I can change so the curves are saved as well?

pivot post v3.3dm (156.1 KB)
Thank you

Curves are normally included in .stp, dxf and .igs (try re-importing your exported file in Rhino to see) - maybe this is a problem on the receiving end?

Maybe the help for solidworks could help. Saving model as igs should keep the curve.