Hatching with a texture?

Sometimes my render view elevations come out screwy so I create an outline overlay in paper space. However, Im only unable to hatch that closed curve with a texture, only crappy lines/dots. Anyway around this? Thanks.

Hello - can you make a planar surface from the curves and apply a material with a texture to that?


Hi Pascal, Yes, I can explode the object and apply a surface I suppose, but this defeats the purpose of modeling it for me as I may need to make changes in the future and wouldnt want to work with surfaces.

Hi Peter - I’m not sure I follow, but if you have coplanar curves and you make a planarSrf from them, I’m not sure where Explode comes in - also, you can use History, and edit the curves. Maybe post an example…


I have a simple existing room interior that I want to reproduce in rhino. I go to the physical location and after measuring it, I snap photos of the walls straight on, with the intention of adding those photos to the face of the respective wall in the model. Currently, if I drag and drop the image onto the face of the model, the entire model is covered with this photo instead of just that one specific wall. If I explode the model, then I can apply the photo to the surface, with some tweaking, but then I have an exploded model that is not useful to me anymore. If I then join all surfaces back together, the photos again mix and apply to the entire model.

So what I’d like is to be able to add the photo of the wall to a specific face of a wall in a closed polysurface model, without having to explode everything. Is this possible? Maybe I don’t understand something?