How to enter decimals?


I am a new Rhino user and have been going through the tutorial for the last couple of days. I have an issue writing relative coordinates with decimals (for example 8.54mm). If I enter the value 8.54 it is not accepted. If I am drawing poly lines I can cheat a bit by doing R8 and then R.54. But if it is about placing the center of a circle at 6.5mm from the intersection of the x,y axis my tactic is useless. Do you have a solution for my problem?
Thanks in advance for your help.


I believe, you have to enter as x,y,z

Example, circle from centre, 6.7,8.9,0

works here for me. If you just enter 6.5, it doesn’t understand on what plane.

Someone else can probably explain better,

6.5mm from the origin could be anywhere along a circle of 6.5mm radius about 0, so it does not determine a unique point.

What you can do is start the Circle command, at the first prompt, use the “From” object snap, type “0” to indicate the from point should be the origin (it could also be any other typed or mouse selected point in space), then type 6.5 to indicate a “from” radius. You will then see the cursor constrained to a circle of 6.5mm radius around the origin. Set the circle center point where you want along the circle.


Thanks for the help guys. Very useful.