How to edit a UV map?

I would like to edit a UV map in graphic program to add, for example, a labels for model of bottle. How can I do that? (I’m very new to Rhino so maybe that’s not a UV map related?)


Hi Aleksandra - check Decals (in object properties > the green square icon) and Mapping, also in the Object Properties panel > the red and white checked cylinder.


You asked how to edit logos outside of Rhino, so Photoshop or Illustrator is your best bet. If you’re having trouble inside Rhino, I did a few videos on this topic.

If you have a account, check out this video
If you don’t have a account, here’s a 10-day free trial.

What I meant was: is it possible to do somethin like that in Rhino using graphic programs:
schultzeworks, I can’t watch your video :frowning:

The external graphic program they use is Microsoft Paint. If you use Paint (or the serious program Photoshop I mentioned) then yes, YES you can make and edit the texture maps the same way they did for the Blender video on YouTube…

Inside Rhino, you can position the maps using the UVW mapping widgets. Check the Properties panel or the help / F1 system for more info.

If you want to watch it, then yes, YES you can. Click on this link for a free 10-day trial to… then check out the video I posted, the course I created, or any of the other 4,000 courses they have. A few highlights are below:

If you decide to join lynda, its only $25 per month. You can watch unlimited video and cancel anytime. Most books are $50-$75, so its actually a crazy good deal. You’ll also find the videos are much higher quality than the ones on YouTube.

Dave is an awesome teacher (and super cool guy) by the way…I highly recommend his videos. As a guy who teaches and uses rhino for a living, I’ve learned a ton from him over the years-

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