How to draw an array of rectangles with respect to two curves?

Is it possible to draw an array of equally spaced rectangles along two curves, so that I can use these rectangles (rectangles coz it forms a closed region) to trim off the curves later?

Example of the curves and how you want the rectangles oriented with respect to the curve along the trajectory?

tabbing.3dm (133.6 KB)

Hi, thank you for the help. I have attached the Rhino file,

Check this and change your rhino absolute tolerance fr 0.01 to 0.001… (13.2 KB)

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That’s very generous @HS_Kim for someone who hasn’t yet posted a shred of GH code.

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tabbinhg (17.8 KB)
tabbinhg (15.4 KB)
tabbinhg (17.8 KB)

oh, codes? here are a few that I tried and wouldn’t work. now please !

@Joseph_Oster : That is very generous to point that out!

Your colleague included GH code on his first post, without being asked.

As recommended here, and always appreciated for several reasons:

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

You started two threads, both without any GH code.