How can I move rectangles along a curve and where they overlap, the rectangles should move to where they butt up against each other?

I’m trying to place each rectangle along the curve so that they are directly adjacent to each other but can’t quite figure out how to accomplish this task? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! see image

rectangle along a (12.5 KB)

Area 2_ FRAMEWORK_.3dm (2.3 MB)

Throwing out half-baked solutions… in one dimension it’s rather simple. Now filling in the gaps would be the next step…

rectangle along a (20.0 KB)

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While we’re waiting, maybe this is something I can interest you in?

rectangle along a (17.1 KB)

While this is in no means perfect (rather quick&dirty), it does the trick for now, as long as there’s only one rectangle needed to fill the gap.

rectangle along a (27.8 KB)

Hi Amir,

Thanks, mate. These might work. Do I need to download the plugins for these to work?


Not aware of any plugins used, only Rhino 6 / GH1. I think.

edit: as @Baris noted, I used Symmetrical Domain (which I really like) from Heteroptera.
Thanks Baris!

I openend it out of curiosity, one is a relay from R6(I added a screenshot so you can replace it if you are using R5) and there is a component from Heteroptera,symmetrical Domain.

I didnt knew about this one, I also use it often so I created a user object, the classic I think :slight_smile:
Nice definition by the way.

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Thanks, just downloaded the heteroptera. Is there an equivalent to the relay as i’m working in R5?

I was interested to give this a try using Python.

rectangle along a (10.3 KB)

You could just put the wire as in the picture I posted above, if you want it to use for structuring the canvas you can use a “number” component instead.

Thanks @Baris