How to do structural analysis on free form generated using kangaroo

Hi guys , i am prem solanki . I am a architect from india

so there is a project that i am doing where i am asked to create pavilion, for which i have a freeform structure using grasshopper.

sizes are in a meter , its a very large structure for me to do any structural analysis on it

I plan to make this structure with a hexagonal division metal panel joined using revet.
something in this way

I know using currently the hexagon is not equal. no issue there . I will do quad remesh and then dual mesh.

i have few experience in digital fabrication but not at this scale

currently, i need help in regard to the structural engineering of this structure.

  • is this structure stable
  • what are the weak point in the structural
  • what thickness metal sheet should i use
  • can i ms steel here
  • what interval do i need revet and what dia revet

the structure engineer i have in contact could figure out the due to the change of the structure

can anyone help me here or any suggestions how or what to do