Smart dimension

Good day

I have seen a similar question before on the forum but did not find a solution that helps.

Suppose I draw a cylinder with radius 5 mm and length 41 mm from the solid menu. I later want to go and change this cylinder’s radius to 6.3 mm and length 49 mm. Can you please guide me on how this is done.

Can you edit the dimensions of your model if you find that the box, cylinder etc, needs to be re sized at a later stage.



You are describing parametric modeling tools, commonly found in feature based, mechanical solid modelers like SolidWorks, Rhino has no native parametric modeling tools.
Grasshopper can be used to build tools like that and much more.

I think this is possible with Rhinoworks plugin

That being said, you can of course change the dimensions of your model.

For your cylinder example, start Scale2D and pick the center of one of the ends, then snap to one of the quadrants, then type 6.3. After that, start Scale1D, snap to the end of the side of the cylinder, then snap to the other end of the side and type 49.

For simple transformations you can try BoxEdit. Type _BoxEdit in command line to pop up the panel with numeric transforms.

But i mostly use method like wim described above.

Thank you. It’s exactly what I was looking for.