How to design Athletic Shoe Insoles with Rhino?

How can I learn how design multi-layer athletic shoe insoles? One layer of EVA, one layer of Poron, one top cover for example?


Like this?


You can start here:

Hi Scott,

Thanks so much for replying!
I carefully watched the first video in that series. It was helpful!
But do you know of another video or set of instructions that just isolates the insole?
I won’t do any work with the shoe. I’m just trying to design a multi layer insole.
Thanks again for the link to the series of videos.


There is a bunch of information on Google search with “rhino 3d insole”.

There is a number of tools like Insole Designer and Shoe Elf.

I expect @PodoTools would have something to say about this:

SubD modeling orthopaedic lasts in Rhinoceros (WIP) - YouTube

How far have you gotten trying this in Rhino?