Insole design in Rhino

I recently started to explore the possibilities of rhino for designing insoles (orthotics).
I’m currently trying to figure out how i can add pads to the insole surface to locally change the geometry.

I came across a you tube movie where a guy demonstrates some of the scripts he wrote for this purpose. In this [movie][1] (starting around minute 2:55) he does exactly what i’m trying to do, but he doesn’t explain how he does it.
So i’m wondering if any of you got an idea how he is doing it?


Hi @TomS, in the video it looks like the sole is a polygon mesh which gets deformed using cage edit. Not shure about the script used to add the pads, it appears to be a mesh deformation using the pads height.

If you create your sole using a nurbs surface, you might try adding custom pads using the _Splop command. Once the pad has been transfered to the sole, fillet it manually using _FilletSrf command to get room for a nice blend between the pad and the sole. The pad surface can just be open on one side, similar as shown in the video.