How to design a serpentine wall

Are you looking to elevate your architectural design skills? Iamthestudio launched their new course, Design A Serpentine Modular Wall. Discover how to design a serpentine modular wall and learn the secrets behind designing optimized modular systems in Grasshopper.

  • Discover the principles of parametric design and algorithmic thinking that drive the creation of exceptional architectural masterpieces such as the Serpentine Pavilion by the architecture firm BIG.
  • Design, optimize, and fabricate a serpentine-inspired modular wall, incorporating innovative techniques for efficient construction and assembly.
  • Master using Grasshopper to bring your creative ideas to life.
  • Apply fabrication techniques like Excel exporting and unit rationalization for effective construction workflow.
  • Understand how to create parametric design systems that allow you to adapt and iterate quickly.

The course is taught by Brandon A. Gibbs, AIA, an accomplished architect and educator passionate about merging art and technology in architectural design. Brandon has years of experience in computational design, digital fabrication, and programming. He has worked with organizations like the Design Research Lab and Zaha Hadid Architects. Brandon is well-equipped to guide you through creating effective parametric designs and computational systems and his teaching style is engaging and comprehensive, ensuring that you understand the techniques and develop the skills to apply them in real-life projects.

Enrollment is open now for $49.99 or free for 14 days with a trial to the monthly membership to Iamthestudio.

Enroll in the Create A Serpentine Modular Wall course today and take your architectural vision to the next level!

Posted Jun 01, 2023 by Sandy McNeel on Rhino News, etc.