How to delete nested blocks all together quickly!

i want to delete all blocks to tidy up an imported DWG, what is best way to delete all blocks?
they dont appear in the model so cant select …

Hello - Purge should help here.


thank you!

problem on my end is this doesn’t work.

i’ve actually never had a solution for this, hence I’ve always done work arounds.

but now i’m facing a saving lag issue and blocks might be the culprit, so i need a solution here – not seeing one yet.

sry made a lier outa myself hof. Actually, after taking another look at my exercise, I noticed that I was able to get it to finally work.

not sure what my struggle was here. I used ‘explode block’ cammand first and i guess the purge wasn’t done yet in that stage… hmmm :thinking:

Pascal, you’re awesome haha always got solutions!