How to define working plane by object?


How to define working plane by object?
There is a command “_CPlane_Object” to do this.
I want to do this by calling function.
How can I do?


Is there a specific object type you want to generate this plane from? The _CPlane _Object command asks for user input for the object type and acts accordingly, eventually creating a Plane, and setting the construction plane of the viewport.

You’ll probably need to run:

Which will take a Plane as an argument:

How you set up this plane is up to you.

Hi Vaker,

To set a viewport’s construction plane, you’ll want to call CRhinoViewport::SetConstructionPlane().

The CPlane -> Object option allows you select a point, curve, surface, or clipping plane and then will set the active viewport’s construction plane based on what you’ve picked.

Here is an example:

  • Dale

I got it.
Thanks for your help.