How to define a floating panel in pref. > general > Run these commands

Trying to set up the Layer Panel to open as a floating panel upon startup.
It seems Rhino is using a temp ID number and not the panel name, so the old ID number is not recognised.
it returns:
Command: '_FloatPanel
Id for panel to floatShowLayerPanel
Invalid panel Id

doing this through the manu it looks like:
Command: '_FloatPanel
Id for panel to float3610bf83-047d-4f7f-93fd-163ea305b493
Panel visibility ( Show Hide Toggle )_Toggle

But the id number change every time… is there a way around this?

thanks a lot

The ID number should be the same every time.

I put this in PreferencesGeneralRun these commands every time a model is opened:

-_FloatPanel 3610bf83-047d-4f7f-93fd-163ea305b493 S

I get a floating layers panel every time I open a model.


Yes thanks a lot
setting it this way works.

with best regards