How to dedent Python new line with shortcut?

I was following this python tutorial online, and the guy get a new line directly with one level dedent
for example if i have: (… represent spaced indent)

....if i == 0:

after press enter i would get a new line with indent like this still in the if statement:

....if i == 0: 

However he seems to use some shortcut and get an indent that jumps out of the if statement directly:

....if i == 0: 

so he doesnt need to press backspace four times to delete the space
Help, I have been coding for years, I have never heard of this shortcut and would love to find out.
This is the video, I gif it

  • Just asked on stack overflow, but people were being really mean there, and someone told me to ask the script editor, so here i am. anyway, many thanks


just press Shift+Tab.
You can use this in other applications or forms as well to revert a tab press.

Yeah I have been using Shift+Tab in coding. But in this editor, it seems i have to highlight the whole line first, and then shift tab for it to work. Tha’s why when I saw that video I was thinking if theres something I missed