How to create surfaces from gilbert tessellation lines?

hi guys,
I tried one of the gilbert tessellation code here . actually what I need is create surfaces from gilbert tessellation curves which coded by @laurent_delrieu.

Also, I’m not sure does the single line highlighted in red circle point any mistake?
I wonder if anyone could help me.
best regards
mary baro

Gilbert (19.7 KB)

Single segment is not an error. I don’t use infinite half line (Point and direction) but I use segments which lengths is a ratio of the bounding box diagonal. You choose ratio of 0.2. If you don’t want that use a bigger factor no need to be more than 1.

If you want surfaces just use Surface Split


thank you about your clear explanation about codes logic. I changed the extend factor to 0.3 and now it looks great! and then I used surface split.
thank you very much for helping me. :pray:t2: