How to create parameterized cylinder with boolean box at an angle? (for an interactive pillar)


I’m trying to design a parameterized cylindrical shaped pillar for an interactive installation. Goal is to create a design that can be used to fabricate a couple of these pillars that will be used in a museum. Guests will use a RFID tag to trigger certain content. I’m familiar with Blender, so as a reference I created the base shape that I’m trying to create with grasshopper.

To create the cylinder in Grasshopper I was thinking about the following setup (but maybe there is a better way?)

  • creating two circles
  • offset one circle on the z-axis (e.g. to max 1.8m height)
  • use a loft to create the cylinder.

I’ve created these nodes in Grasshopper: (16.2 KB)

How do I create the box that I can use with a difference boolean in such a way that I can:

  • specify the angle of the green surface (see below)
  • make sure that the box nicely fits the size of the cylinder

Once I have this basic shape I want to offset/extrude this green surface.

What would be a good approach to create this pillar with Grasshopper?


It could be done more elegant probably… (19.6 KB)

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Hi Jakinta,

I already saw that the Grasshopper community was very active and helpful but I didn’t expect such a quick reply.

Thanks for the grasshopper file, I’m going to look into it and learn some of the new nodes. It seems like a perfect setup!


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Hey !

Since I already started this when Jakinta commented, i’m posting this anyway :slight_smile:
I read about offset and extrude of your green face, so I added the options.
Basically you can play with all the red grouped sliders !
(There should also probably be more elegant ways…)

Hope it is helpful
Cheers (20.8 KB) (6.0 KB)

Amazing! Thanks :pray: