How to create metal mesh with a material map?

I created a metal mesh with simple circular perforations as a volume but the file size exceeded 3.5 GB and its currently not rendering anymore… I have my final exam next week and still have no renders
I heard that a material with a specific map can give the same effect – anyone knows how?

Thank you

You can apply a material to your object that has an image of your perforations that act as a local modifier.
Please post some geometry and what you need to end up with and somebody will help.

The tilted metal meshes in white have circular perforations but those were done by the subtracting volumes, I would like to know the procedure of having a similar effect but by using the maps in vray material editor.

Ok, then it’s simply to put a transparency map as shown here:

The image you select should have white dots on a black background. Adjust the size and spacing of the dots as you whish and make sure to have the correct mapping (I would use planar mapping) on your objects.