How to create Enneper Surface

(Hadeel Lami) #1

Hello geniuses!

I am urgenty looking for a script that creates the Enneper’s minimal Surface as shown below:


I googled, youtubed and searched in all previous threads in here but could only find an outdated script that created a weird Enneper. Any edits to the attached script or suggestions for a new one? (13.8 KB)

(Seghier khaled) #2
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(Daniel Piker) #3

That’s not Enneper’s minimal surface.

It looks like one of Eva Hild’s ceramic sculptures. She does some beautiful work - I think she works by hand, without a computer involved. The shapes do look something close to minimal surfaces but I doubt they are actually truly minimal.

You could generate something similar by relaxing a mesh with Kangaroo though.

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(Seghier khaled) #4

which one ?

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(Seghier khaled) #5

Try with MathMod, and you can export the model

(_corellaman) #6

lunchbox plugin has an enneper surface if I remember well

and is this the ‘old’ one you found?

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(Seghier khaled) #7

this is sculpting


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(Laurent Delrieu) #8

You surely could replicate that using low poly (quad) mesh that are subdivided and then smoothed. It requires some modeling so it is not so parametric. Look at Subd modeling, Catmull&Clark smoothing … in Weavebird

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(Hadeel Lami) #9

Thank you all for these awesome remarks.
Dear Corellaman, I found this one too but couldn’t replicate it because I couldn’t find the x,y,z components towards the end…

(_corellaman) #10

what are you talking about? there’s a .zip you can download in that page, which has the gh file in it, which should already have that component, which is just a ‘construct point’ component you can easily recreate in case it’s not in the file for whichever reason.


(Hadeel Lami) #11

Thanks a lot Corellaman,
I actually couldn’t download the zip file because it keeps redirecting me to a weird link.
I would be tremendously grateful if you may upload it here .

A million thanks again!

(Hadeel Lami) #12

@laurent_delrieu That is a very helpful idea as well! thank uuu <3
@seghierkhaled I dont know how to use MathMod unfortunately… but thank you so much for the help!
@DanielPiker I love her works! I thought she starts with computer modelling … looks like a generative design!! Thank you for the info!

(_corellaman) #13

You’re right - I pointed you to a broken link it seems - I must have that downloaded script somewhere (but I don’t know where, have to look for it)

Meanwhile if you’re open to options you could alternatively look into the differential growth topic(s) for inspiration:

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(Hadeel Lami) #14

I cannot thank you enough for all your generous help. Thank you !!