How to create cube cells from 3D grid of points using relative item?

Trying to get the 8 vertices of a cube isolated from a list of points using relative items, please see image below and file attached. Relative item helped connect all the points that i need through the following sequence:


however, I now need to group these items into a tree that has N=8. This conversion is very tricky as I can’t graft the Offset in order to isolate which Offset creates what and the output of the relative items doesn’t seem to reflect the offsets. I’ve tried partitioning the Item B with the length of the offsets and adding the first point of the Item A also partitioned. Struggling. Hoping you can help me understand what’s happening. (13.6 KB)

Trying to make sense of the numbers being generated is tricky. Please see below, in this case I have 4 items per branch and apply 3 offsets, Relative Item generates 11 items per branch.

This works but seems so long-winded: (7.6 KB)

Like this?

Thanks Dowazura, I need cells of n=8 uniting the vertices which doesn’t work with long polylines.