Relative item for panel creation

hi everyone !

here am trying to create triangular panel (as shown in the sketch) from a random points
am trying to use relative item for the creation of triangular panels
the offset value is goes wrong am not able t o figure the issue
is there a way to create it with relative item or should i use some other method

Relative item (14.9 KB)


Your points are not internalized and are not random. I can derive the list of points from the list of curves (triangles) but it’s not clear to me how (or why) to derive triangles from the points?

attached internalise file
Relative item (14.9 KB)

the input is only points
i manually made all the lines for explaining in it clearly (what is my requirement)
and its only a part of the it the actual one is more than 3000 panels

Your points are not random. These are random points (below, white group) and a way to connect them as triangles. Your premise of using RelItem to achieve this doesn’t make sense to me.

Relative (20.8 KB)

thanks for time and effort some a new thing to learn for me @Joseph_Oster

Don’t forget the Triangular (TriGrid) component. You can apply Scale NU to the result to modify the shape of the triangles, surround them with a rectangular border, etc.

Eyes on the prize! Meaning keep the objective in mind and be flexible about how to get there.

@Joseph_Oster i was even thinking to add dummy points in-between so it give me a structure to use the relative item

Relative item (14.6 KB)


Y lines (optional)
The python script is the same as sort points components but have order and ascending options

Relative item (17.5 KB)


@HS_Kim thank you u so much and your script open up with so many options to me

@seghierkhaled thank you very much and different approach with vectors its interesting
and i love the sorting script actually i was struggling with sorting u made it much easy