How to create commands after plugin load?

How can I create Rhino Commands dynamically after my .Net plugin is loaded?
How do python scripts in the special plugins folder become Rhino Commands ?
I really love this functionality
I want to implement the same functionality for my F# scripts. (along with my F# scripting editor)

Hi @Goswin,

The PlugIn class has a virtual CreateCommands function that you can override. Inside of that function you can call the protected RegisterCommand function for each of your command instances.

Does this help?

– Dale

Sounds good. Thanks @dale I’ll try that.

Color me interested for testing F# scripting.

This is a preview. I ll put it on GitHub when it’s reasonably stable/ useful:


That looks cool. A typo in spheere spotted on line 48, though :wink:

Are you testing this also on Rhino WIP?


When I tried in RH 6 I got this error:
I did not try to solve this yet. Probably I just need to reference the new Rhinocommon dll.

I think the idea is that RhinoCommon plug-ins should still run without recompiling. @will or @stevebaer can probably tell more about that.

Can you send me the plugin? I would like to see why it isn’t loading