How to create a worms eye view in ISO?


Im a new user and I was wondering how could I create an isometric worms eye view of an object. Any ideas on how this can be dome?


Hi @stmpdd ,

With the Perspective viewport selected, type the command isometric. You will get some direction options: choose one, say NE. The viewport will change to a parallel, or isometric, view.

You then need to rotate the view until it satisfies your worm. It helps orientation if you have an object in the scene before doing this.


Isometric views are just parallel views with the view direction set from one corner of an imaginary cube to its diagonally opposite corner. The “standard” isometric views that are in the Isometric command are all looking from above, if you want a “worm’s-eye” view, you will need to create your own.

The easiest way to do this is to unselect everything and then go to the Properties panel, it will have the viewport info there. Then set the projection to parallel, and the target to 0,0,0. Then you need to choose a camera point that corresponds with your worm’s eye, for example if the worm is under the southeast corner of the model (looking up to the northwest), the camera point would be 1,-1,-1 (or a multiple thereof). You can also just place the camera and target points by punching the place buttons and picking them on your model.

Lastly, here is a quickie script that you can pick one of the 4 worm’s eye directions on the command line. (853 Bytes)


Hi [Helvetosaur],

I’m fairly new to rhino, I’ve tried uploading the script attached via the load script command and ‘draganddrop’ but I get an error saying it isn’t possible, can you advise please? I notice that this seems to be a .py file but it appears as though it needs to be an rvb file?

Many Thanks,