How to create a set of rocks with Grasshopper?

Hello everyone.

I am new to Rhino and Grasshopper and to writing in forums as a matter of fact :slight_smile: I’m trying to create a set of small rocks/stone slabs using Grasshopper for my graduation work - I am a metalsmith student and the rocks will be 3D printed and then cast in bronze and aluminum. I tried to “Frankenstein” my way through different YouTube tutorials, seeing if I could combine different parts to this purpose, but so far I have accomplished nothing. A few “wave facades” tutorials I found had a hint of what I want to do, but still not quite there yet.

I got something done in Rhino using SubD. Here is what I am trying to make:

I need 24 variations of this same rock, but with slightly different bumps/textures - still height, width and thickness should remain the same. I want to use a Python script like this one to bake the variations.

Any ideas on how to go about making this? Any help is highly appreciated!


I made this script to generate a couple “rocks” using different bumpmap downloaded from google. Let me know if this is okay! :slight_smile: Please post here after you casted your things! i am curious about how this could be casted into metals! (76.6 KB)



With this component, (so without bumpmap) also works very well



That’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much! I’ll be working on these for the whole spring, so might take a while to show the results but I’ll of course add them here :slight_smile: The pieces will be used to create a mold for a method called sand casting - and if that fails, I’ll have them made with the lost wax method. I’m pretty much following the ideas in this video - only I doubt I’ll manage it on this level of mastery.

I installed this as you suggested and it worked like a charm. Thank you!