How to create a rectangle block or move from origin for brick gradient

Hi Guys, I am trying to do a 4-sided rectangle block with 2 different brick type but i can’t seem to - first get it to be 4 sided, second to get it to have 2 brick sizes on one facade.

Can someone help me with this? Also one of the brick size seems a little off, I’m not too sure what to do. Thank you.
BrickWall- gradient (60.7 KB)

And how do I bake it with colours? Thanks

Hi All, I can’t seem to bake it with my gradient, any ideas how I can get it to bake with the colours?

If we forget … well … a “minor thing” in the attached … by gradient you mean Classic Color Interpolation (From/To) based on Box center dist (from “origin”) like the Colors done? (137.1 KB)

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