How to create gradient brick wall on a selected curve building line

Hi Guys, I like to create a gradient brick wall but on a selected surface drawn in rhino (a curve line building line for example) but I can’t seem to get it to work.
BrickWall- gradient (61.0 KB)

BrickWall- gradient Edited (225.5 KB)

Thank you and how would I input 2 colours that gradient from top to bottom for example (or left to right)

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Hi Quan Li, thank you for the help, it’s really helpful but I was trying to get a random colour dissipating from top to bottom. Would that be possible (eg like in the image).
Currently I added a graph mapper but I still can’t get random colours.
RSV_BrickWall- gradient (53.7 KB)


Thanks in advance.

I don’t know if this might work but I also not sure where I can fit this in.

BrickWall- gradient Edited (224.2 KB)
Need Pufferfish.
Honeycam 2023-06-08 11-44-05

Thank you, and let says if I need more than 2 colours (like 4), do I use " Tween Consecutive Colours" and under CL (Colour List) what component should I connect with?

By any chance would it be possible to do more colours and in put texture?

I managed to figure the value list on smooth colour, thanks!!!