How to create a joint for merge 2 mesh

Hi guys! I am actually in trouble with my grassoppher file. I want to create a joint for 2 complementary meshes that I create after the voronoi tasselation! Or also create before the tasselation an area for the connection of the future mesh!
The pic and the file is down there!
Let me know

Please help me!


tesitutorefinale.3dm (3.3 MB) (87.4 KB)

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Testing 3dm Archive: C:\Downloads\tesitutorefinale.3dm
Start Section: 462 bytes (offset 0 to 462)
Offset: 0
3dm archive version: 70
Interface Name: Rhinoceros 7.3 - Corporate, build 2021-02-22 - (compiled Feb 23 2021)
SDK Version: 2348836105.2383182145
OpenNURBS Version: 2383182145
3dm Version: 7