How to create a growth simulation boundary on Grasshopper?

Hi, I’m a beginner to Grasshopper / Rhino and i’m trying to create a picture frame using an organic growth simulation on Grasshopper. Currently the shapes continue to flow into the centre of the shape but I want the organic shapes to be bound to a frame shape.

The red square is where I would want the growth to be restricted to.

I’ve been following this tutorial: How to: Simple Growth Simulation ( Grasshopper ) - YouTube

Does anyone know how I would do this?

Can you be more specific? I can’t watch the whole tutorial, if you upload file people can help more easily.

You could just scale what you have until it is bigger than the red rectangle.

Something is making the growth form in a rectangle… In the tutorial, is there a base rectangle that the growth stays inside of? You might be able to adjust that part of the model to constrain the growth to be between 2 rectangles.

Without seeing your model it’s hard to advise!

In general search “differential growth” (But in 99.99999% of cases solutions are carried over strictly via code - as they should).

I would suggest:

  1. If you have plans to walk the C# walk I could provide some hints on that matter (plus the restrict in boundary option - see Image N2). That said this IS NOT the ideal start point for a novice (by any means).

  2. Search this (and maybe the other - alas dead- Forum) : maybe someone has posted some working solution on 2/3D DF (Laurent, for instance).

  3. Maybe this is also a task for K2 (but I expect delays).

PS: My nerves are not strong enough to follow any YT tutoral.

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