How to create a closed 'outline curve' of several connecting, but individual curves?

To keep this on topic: I am only talking about 2D drawing in Rhino 5.

And I want to find a command that does this:

You have two or more closed curves that are connected in such a way that they have a shared ‘outline’ that then consists of the outer edge of the conglomerate of curves. If you imagine how an urban housing quarter looks in an architectural site plan, where the overall form of the individual buildings has a shared boundary out to the street, but it is divided by lines and alterations in form between them.

Is there a command to get a closed curve outline of this assembly of forms? To keep it to a simple example, the same command would apply if you are drawing a floor plan: You have walls that are drawn as rectangles, and you want all the connecting walls to be one closed curve. Here’s an example of the situation and the wished for result:

Thank you in advance!

does ‘curve boolean’ do what you need ?

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Hi Alex, I may not understand what you are wanting completely but, would polyline work in this situation?

That is exactly what I need,

Thanks a million!

Hi Alexander, can you share what did you do to get the result?
What command and what to select?
will this work for a 3D objects?
I need to convert closed curves segments cylinder (pipe) into one solid object.

Hello - CurveBoolean will not help for this - please start a new thread and post what you need help with, including a file if possible, there.


Thanks for the comment, This is my first visit to Rhino forum.
I hope I can find what I’m looking.
It’s hard to make a comment where it should belong to.
I will try next time.