How to correct "Surface intersection error."

What do I need to learn to correct a surface intersection error?

HubAlert.3dm (5.9 MB)

Hello - the object has edges and vertices that are way out of tolerance - do you have the objects from before the Boolean operation?


sure - ThanksHubAlert2.3dm (6.5 MB)
uploading version before boolean unions and subtractions

Hello - here’s how I’d do this -

HubAlert2_PG.3dm (1.8 MB)


Thanks Pascal!
I was using blendEdge instead of filletEdge.
Reconstructed all my imported curves within Rhino.
Then found that the three radiating parts were very slightly out of alignment. Have a good model now.
However, in my rebuilding the model I continued to have Boolean failures… seems it takes stumbling onto the mystery sequence to arrive at a finished model. Don’t understand why sequencing is such an issue. For instance, I simply rotated the model to achieve a previously unsuccessful boolean subtraction.(??)