Boolean Difference Pipe Fail

Hello, I’m trying to execute the Booleandifference command to remove the pipe shape from the larger geometry. One side has been successful but I receive surface intersection error on the other. I have approx. 70 of these models that are coming up with a similar issue. What is a good course of action to achieve my desired result? Thank you in advance for your help!
JIG MODEL.3dm (819.8 KB)

SelBadObjects selects the larger object as a bad object.

SelNonmanifold selects the larger object as having a non-manifold edge.

Explode the larger object. Click OK on the panel which says bad geometry was created.

SelBadObjects selects two surfaces. When I tried to Explode these surfaces the response was cannot split a single surface. Unfortunately I don’t know how to fix this problem without remodeling.

Guess - the origin of the problem may have been due to the seam location on the pipe used for the BooleanDifference. You could try exploding that pipe and moving the seam location using SrfSeam. Then rejoin the pipe. But that is only a guess.


Thank you for your response! I think you’re right, the corner seam locations of the pipe is not aligning well with the corner seam locations of the larger mass (jpg 1). Maybe offsetting the centerline of the pipe the distance of the pipe radius and sweeping the pipe profile along the curves will align the seams. Sweep2 doesn’t seem to like to give hard corners though, only flow through them (jpg 2). Is there a better function that gives hard corners like sweep1 but can constrain to two rails?

Change absolute tolerance to 0.1

That’s a good idea; selectively changing tolerance from .001 to .01 actually does help in a few situations (not a catch-all) but my manager doesn’t want me going over .01. Thanks for the tip!