Surface Intersection Error

Trying to create a ramp stair combo in rhino, so I am trying to take all the stairs and boolean difference them away from the large cube that is at the same slope as the ramp. I have also tried to do one at a time, but some of them still will not difference. Trying to create something like the following, but curved. I will also post the file.

BooleanDifferenceHelp.3dm (5.8 MB)

Hello - a couple of things - one, I’d work at the surface level with trimming and splitting and joining to make the steps into a single simpler object, with a cross section like so:


But before you go there, some of the surfaces have extreme paramaterization for some reason:

Surface U domain = 807009775380.408 to 807009775407.075
Surface V domain = 0.000 to 1.000

so Explode all the steps, run Reparametrize > Automatic on all, then work on them.

Once that is all built you should be able to difference the object - even if it has an open bottom, just make sure the object normals are pointing outward.(Dir command)

You might also set the file tolerance to .0001 since you are in feet.



Okay, thanks! I ended up extruding the curves without making them a solid. Then joined them, then capped and then the boolean worked. The way you have shown is much simpler, so I will keep that in mind next time.