How to convert vertices to point and sort them

Hello grasshopper community

I want to make this piece all the work is almost finished. I only have the slit left that cuts the piece in half like on the picture . My idea is to make a surface from the vertices and revolve around an axis.

Is my solution the best?
Do you know if there are any other functions that I can use?

Thank youCable (32.0 KB)

Cable (29.9 KB)

Cable (32.0 KB)

Thank you for your quick reply. I am new to grasshopper and I did not understand your approach very well. Can you elaborate a bit.

Because I would like to add modifications. The cut should be straight like this

Cable (31.0 KB)

You need to simplify your definition, create points and use them to create curve profile, or predefined curves, than use surface revolution with angle domain or at the end create a cube and use Solid difference

Cable (35.1 KB)

Thank you for your answers Hs_Kim and Seghier Khaled

Mr. Seghier Khaled
How did you declare the profile function, I can’t find it on my grasshopper

Did you open the file attached?

Yes I opened it. I understood, thank you