Laid flat surface to curved surface

Dear All, How Can I align This single gore segment, which laid flat on grounded, to its three-dimensional

place on the dome.

Pattern on (35.7 KB)


I managed to obtain something decent using Sporph component.

However I had to build a base surface with U and V directions aligned with the portion of revolution in Rhino.

Pattern on (45.9 KB)

Thank you for your exact solution.

Would you please include the process you used to change the trimmed gore surface to the untrimmed one? I couldn’t understand that part.


I did that in Rhino. I baked your curves, drew two splines and a base arc, did a Sweep 2 rails, and then tried to invert/swap U V directions using Dir command, until I got something matching the portion of revolution.

I added those steps in GH in case you need to update your initial surface/curves. You’ll need Lunchbox plugin (downloadable from Package Manager). For the Sporph to work, both surfaces must have same domains and same U/V orientation.

Pattern on (45.5 KB)

Thanks a lot, That’s very helpful.