How to convert true subd to surface?

Hi everyone , i was wondering is there any way to convert a true subd model to surface in the way that catia and siemens nx are doing in rhino ? those softwares consider each subdivided polygon as a single surface rather than converting the whole thing , in that way machining the part would be a lot easier .

Test001.stp (1.1 MB)

What should the attached Test001.step represent ?
Command “ToNurbs” have options.

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Ok thanks for participating on this , but really why ? why people here are doing this ? here is the ToNurbs function result btw , which doesn’t follow the SubD flow which make it useless for machining :expressionless:

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The questions is why people here do not effort help, although McNeel makes so much effort here , help appears automatically with each commandotore :smiley:


@hamed.desighn ToNURBS offers both options for packing quads in the SubD together into single surfaces or keeping each quad as a separate surface (unpacked). There are many times when reducing the edge count in the resulting NURBS polysrf is useful. Subsequent fillets or Booleans are less likely to have issues with less edges, the file size will also be less when packed as well and rendering will be faster due to a sparser render mesh.


Perhaps the Packed option should be the default.

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It is.