How to convert openbrep to closed brep

A portion of extrusion resulted in open breps.I want to use these breps for solid difference but grasshopper doesnt yield any difference with open breps.How can ı turn these open breps to closed breps.

Cap might do it.


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thanks.I tried cap but it says object refference is not set to an instance of an object.How can ı solve this?
and below is the open brep part of the extrusion. What would you suggest if cap holes doesnt work?


clean tree might remove the first error.

Does CAP work if you bake the objects first? i believe it only works on planar holes, fyi

Am I right to assume this is a QR code extruded from 2d squares? I would suggest solving these issues in 2d first. Try region union (curveboolean in rhino). Since your cubes have many coplanar faces, simplifying as much as possible upstream will give you a better chance of success at the 3d solid difference stage.