How to control the UV of Space Truss Structure 2 (Lunchbox)

Hi guys!

I’m trying to control the UV distance, the distance I want to be 3.50m. between each module.
Is there any way to control this? All I can think is, bake and then use Scale1D in Rhino.

Hi @mauriciovb

Have you tried generating the UV distance based on the size? Of course this works only when you have values that divide exactly. So, in a way, it also helps to cross-check your dimensions.


  • SurfaceLength = 15m
  • Surface Height = 12m
  • Spacing = 1.5m

U Parameter = 15m / 1.5m => 10
V Parameter = 12m / 1.5m => 8

P.S. You can also use the Scale NU (Scale Non-Uniform) component.

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Kaushik LS
Chennai, IN

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Thanks for the answer! It worked your solution btw