How to combine polysurfaces to one surface?

Hello every body,

I’m looking for a resolution to combine polysurfaces to one surface.
I can not find a resolution on the internet how to fix my problem, so i thaught that maybee somebody can help me to solve the problem with grasshopper. I have no idea how that programm works.
Please i need somebodys help.


Hi hippo - what is the goal here ? Why do you need to do this? There is a limited set of cases where this is possible - for example if all the faces in the polysurface are coplanar - then MergeAllFaces can help. But in general there is no way to do this - it will depend on the specific case.


Hi pascal

The goal is to work with paneling tool. i already tried mergeallfaces but didnt change a thing


polysurface to surface.pdf (412 KB)

Hello - it’s impossible to tell much about the surface structure from an image but I’d say the answer here is no, you cannot make a single surface.