How to collaps all definitions in python editor?

whenever I open a script all definitions are expanded, and I want them to be collapsed. Is it possible to collapse all?
It would make it much faster to navigate to the part that i want to edit.



I don’t know… the editor is pretty limited.

If your scripts are big enough for this to be an issue then it may be time to put some objects and/or functions into sub files (or even packages) and import them.

It is probably also worth investing some time in using vs code or PyCharm for editing, if you are not already?

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Ctrl + Shift + -


It works!

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Thanks for the tip on sub files and packages, but I am not ready to take that leap just yet… :grimacing:
And I am happy with the pythoneditor being so simple and integrated since I rarely need codes that are longer than 400 lines. (I don’t annotate half as much as I should though)

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SWEET! Thanks Steve,
I thought I had a faint muscle memory about a short cut, so I am glad I asked, it will make navigating and coding Holomark 3 faster and hopefully materialize a beta quicker too :smiley:

Upper keyboard shortcut is available through right click menu:

Slightly off topic, but it would really be great to have such features (notably comment/uncomment) ported to the GHPython editor as well, as per this old thread:

And to document ALL the available keyboard shortcuts (e.g. the one found by Yijiang in the old thread). I still have no clue what I might be missing.

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