How to change the curvature graph number across a surface?

First off, I’m not seeing a curvature graph at all, just a white line:

Second, where is the setting for the number/distance between each curvature graph across a surface?

And also, the direction? I guess U and V are the default directions and you can’t do custom ones?

cg.3dm (80.0 KB)

Try lowering the Display scale (you have 999 now, which makes it bigger than can be fit into the viewport):

// Rolf

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Display scale sets the height of the curvature graph above the surface. Note that if the curvature is 0 (straight) then the graph will be on the surface. I typically start with a value around 100 or slightly larger.

The only directions available for curvature graphs on surfaces are U and V of the surface.

Thanks, with your values it worked.

Any other values (or most other values) I don’t see anything.

I mean, a value of 131 looks “normal” as you’ve found. A value of 100 is no curve at all, and a value of 150 is an extreme curve…

Rather confusing.

Do you manually always have to type 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 etc until you get a curve or why is it so difficult to get the graph to show up?

I usually use the buttons to the right of where you can type the scale value. If the graph is too small or appears to be just a white line on the surface (or curve) click and hold the increase button (right pointing triangle). If the graph is too large click and hold the decrease button (left pointing triangle).

Curvature values can vary be several orders of magnitude, even on a single surface. So the appropriate value for display scale on one surface or part of surface may not be appropriate elsewhere. No single value is appropriate everywhere.

Hello - try activating the scale field and then scroll the mouse wheel to move through the numbers more quickly.