Curvature Graph is too small

I’m experiencing an error where the curvature graph shows up as a thin line. How do I fix this(make the hairs longer?) Thank you in advance.

Increase the value of “Display scale” in the pop-up panel.

even at 999(max) it’s the same.

Is it just this one curve? If so, can you post the curve in question?

CurvatureGraph.3dm (128.0 KB)
I deleted other stuff from the 3dm file so that the curve is the only thing present.

Hmm, at 150 or so I get a reasonable graph in right view here…

I think in the Perspective view you show above, you might be looking at it almost edge-on, which is why you don’t see much.

Oh… I should’ve searched for the right scale before asking. Thanks for taking your time to check!