How To Change Rhino Default Material Color?


I’m searching for a way to change the color of the rhino default materials.

Since the ‘new’ V-ray release, last service pack included, i’ve been experiencing problems with materials and their consistency. Materials in the scene have the correct material name assigned to them nevertheless it very often happens that the link between v-ray and those geometries is lost - it seems that the rhino purge material command is breaking links randomly?!

After a purge material command i’m sometimes left with either parts of the geometries set to the rhino default material - which is white or with the problem mentioned above which is a broken link between rhino material table and v-ray material editor?!.

Hence, could someone enlighten me on the topic of changing the default rhino material color to let’s say pink?

Thank you in advance!

There is no setting for that I’m afraid. There is no PurgeMaterial command in Rhino , there is Purge, with Materials=Yes/No, is that what you are using?


Hello Pascal,

Yes, that’s what i ment :).

Is there no option i could set through some registry entry or so?

Was trying to find it, but on t know exactly where to start looking after it.

Thank you in advance,