How to change Item value in the List?

Hello, please watch my List
Item values in the List starts from 0.0 and ends on 1.0
I want to change all values lower than 0.5 to 0.5
For example:
if Item value is 0.3152 (lower than 0.5) than Grasshopper must change this value to 0.5
How to make it?

look at the minimum and maximum components.

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OMG thanks bro! It is worked!

But i don’t understand why Max component change the List. I have 20 indices before Max component and 20 after. Earlier I thought Max component just remove indices with Item values lower than 0.5 and return 17 indices (for example)

Max makes no changes to a list. It changes the item to be either number A or B

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OK I’m inderstand. Thank you