Minimum and Maximum Components

When I click on Component “Minimum”, I get a different one than the one on a tutorial , on th e one I click on, I get A and B as input, but on the tutorial:
I get L and I and W as input and I as output, and this is the one I cannot find.
Can you help please?

Hi @marcel1,

The min and max components from the video tutorial are actually two renamed List Item components.


What the author does is sort some list of values, which produces a new list that is ordered from the smallest to the biggest value of the input list. Now, to get the minimum and maximum values, he simply gets the first and last item with the two, renamed List Item components.
By default, List Item gets the first item at index 0 of a list. If you reverse the list, it still gets the first item, which is now the last item of the previous list, since the list order has been reversed.

What you could alternatively do is, get the last item straight from the sorted list without reversing it. The last item of a list always lives at index -1.


Alternatively, you can add a -1 ZUI output by clicking the + above the i output when zoomed in.

Or use bounds & deconstruct domain.


I will try. Very new to Gtasshopper, very advance in rhino 5.
Thanks again,