How to change base orientation of block without affecting its instances orientation?

Is it possible to change a block’s base orientation that was (carelessly) made in place relative to the item? I was tidying up a file that has some blocks that, once I want to replace it with another block item, gets a wrong orientation, because the to be replaced block has its base orientation not aligned with the object(s).

See attached simple example: block base orientation.3dm (269.9 KB)

i would do it something like this…

scripting wise you could set something in your block 01 to get a new plane to place the 02 block.

Thanks, this workaround might work indeed. Still I hope that I can fix it in the block in question. Otherwise I need to use your workaround first to make a replacement block, fix the block in question and do another replace block, if you understand what I mean.

it doesn’t seem possible since objects have no recorded transform. Also I found this old wish:

Hi Gijs - I’ve added your request for the feature to RH-20718.

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