How to change Annotation Styles

If I want to change the Model space scale and Adjusted text height on the default of the Annotation Styles on Document Properties by coding, how to do?


Here’s a Python sample:

from scriptcontext import doc

ds = doc.DimStyles.FindName('Default')
ds.DimensionScale += 1.0
ds.TextHeight += 1.0
doc.DimStyles.Modify(ds, ds.Id, True)
print 'ModelSpaceScale: ', ds.DimensionScale
print 'AdjustedTextHeight: ', ds.TextHeight * ds.DimensionScale

Hi @Alain

Thank you for your reply.
But I use C++ to coding and how to do?

Hi @angelwang,

How about this?

CRhinoCommand::result CCommandTest::RunCommand(const CRhinoCommandContext& context)
  CRhinoDimStyleTable& dimstyle_table = context.m_doc.m_dimstyle_table;
  int dimstyle_index = dimstyle_table.FindDimStyleFromName(L"Default", false, -1);
  if (dimstyle_index < 0)
    return CRhinoCommand::cancel;

  ON_DimStyle dimstyle(context.m_doc.m_dimstyle_table[dimstyle_index]);

  dimstyle_table.ModifyDimStyle(dimstyle, dimstyle_index);

  return CRhinoCommand::success;

– Dale