How to calculate window area per orientation

I’ve been trying to calculate window-to-wall ratio based on the geometry extracted from Revit.

I’ve managed to get wall areas per orientation, but I couldn’t find a way to find window area based on different orientation.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I took a little different approach, adding a Comment to the Wall to sort by (North,East in this case)

Then getting the parts to do your calculation on.

Definition is saved in 1.3.7983.15227. (13.7 KB)

Thanks Japhy. what does comment imply on Rhino inside? I think in this case it’s selecting the first wall element from the wall group. How could we select orientation by orientation?

This depends on how the Wall was placed (Left to Right or Right to Left) (11.7 KB)

Thanks Japhy! This really helps. I’ve got the wwr orientation by orientation.