How to calculate height difference between adjacent tilted srf's?

Due to 3d printing manufacturing constraints i’m lookin for an easy/fast way to calculate the height difference between tilted surfaces. The value I need is the minimum distance between the 2 adjacent edges. This height-value needs to be above a certain threshold.

My starting geometry are Voronoi cells with a offset and a random orientation. The current methods works (see attached gh file) but is a bit clumsy and slow when using many cells (yet the best I can think of). It works by exploding the cells, make a srf between adjacent edges, and test the vertical height difference by calculating the height using the know hypotenuse (crv length) and offset distance.

In the image, the green edge surfaces represent a height difference above the threshold. And red below

Later in the script I want to use these height values with Galapalos, so the faster the scripts runs the better.
Any tips for an alternative approach and hopefully speed up my code? Thanks in advance for anyone willing to have a look

GetHeight_Adjacent (35.4 KB)

Another idea using the face connectivity tree to search for adjacent cells, and Curve Proximity to search for the minimum distance between two curves.

It seems to give the same values as your definition.

If you only need the “projected” height along Z, then you can deconstruct both points and subtract their Z coordinate.

GetHeight_Adjacent (43.2 KB)

great! was unaware of the Brep Typology component, just what i needed. You made my day twice !